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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  January 5, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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♪ in the news this wednesday morning, a sonoma county man who desperately phoned his wife for help after crashing on highway 1 is found dead. it took search and rescue teams seven hours to find him. >> a gunman shot six people overnight. victims all in the hospital this morning. >> here's a live look from downtown san francisco. you see not too foggy here but we have some developing in the north bay and east bay and the temperatures are below freezing there. problem with freezing fog this morning. >> and here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. not quite what would you expect but we have some major road work going on in hayward. >> two tickets sold for last night's megamillions drawing had all winning six numbers. the ticket holders will split a
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$355 million jackpot. 4:30 is our time. good morning this wednesday. i'm going to deduce that wasn't you who had a winning ticket, one of the two. >> i'm here therefore no. good deduction. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. a santa rosa man who called for help from his cellphone when his motorcycle fell off a cliff in sonoma county has been found dead at the scene. rescue workers look for the man seven hours. meyer gray road he had been thrown several hundred feet down the hillside. the man made a 9-1-1 call about 3:00 yesterday afternoon when he estimated he was near fort roth state forest park but couldn't give his exact location. >> we had patrol, helicopters looking. they tried gps. we had three or four locations in the beginning. we tried every one of them and finally we just went on foot and
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started every stretch of road walking and looking over the bank and walking down the hill at any possible spots. >> it was tough. officials said air and ground search efforts were hampered by the darkness as well. the coroner's office has not released the man's identity. >> oakland police are searching for the suspect in the shootings of six people in a residential neighborhood. multiple shots were fired on 89th avenue. police found one victim in a nearby home and another victim on the street near 88th avenue. a third victim approached an ambulance at the scene while a fourth took himself to the hospital. wounded people were found a few blocks away. people have a possible suspect and are actively looking for him. no word on the condition of the victim. >> police are continuing their investigation after a man shot and wounded a man sitting in a wheelchair. police released a cellphone video taken at the shooting by a
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bystander. they received a call about a man slashing tires on parked cars. when police confronted the suspect, he stabbed one of the officers. police say even though the man was in a wheelchair, he did get up at one point and walk around. police george gascon says the video does not tell the entire story. >> the video's showing us the focus of the camera of an event and they're showing one point of view. we're not seeing what the officers are seeing. obviously we're not seeing what the officers are thinking about. >> with the suspect and the wounded officer hospitalized in non-life-threatening injuries. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will meet again on friday to find out if city manager ed lee wants the job as the int trim mayor. when gavin newsom takes office as lieutenant governor. lee is in hong kong right now. the decision to appoint lee caused a major tyrant from a supervisor notorious for his
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outbursts. amy has more. >> san francisco supervisor chris daily lost it when supervisor dusty announced he would vote for ed lee giving lee the 6th vote he would need to be appointed by the board as mayor. he lashed out at board president david chew. >> i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in the history of san francisco politics. it's on like donkey kong. >> daily also taunted michaela elliot when she commended the pick. (inaudible) >> at one point they talked about bringing in help from the sheriff who ironically was the other top candidate. >> call the sheriff right there!
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there's the sheriff! right there! >> and then as recess was called, daily's exit. >> we will recess. >> i acted with righteous indignation. basically i've served for ten years as the whip in a progressive political camp and tonight i went from that. >> that was amy holyfield reporting. after all of that, the decision what the current board decides to do on friday may not even matter. daily and three other supervisors will be replaced by newly elected members who will be sworn in on saturday. and the choice for interim mayor will still need approval from the new board. >> san bruno officials are holding a meeting with residents to discuss how to spend $380,000 in donations of that poured in since the pipeline explosion and fire. it's been four months since the september 9th disaster killed eight people and destroyed 38
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homes. san jose mercury news reports some residents who learned none of the money had been distributed complained it should have been given to survivors a long time ago. it will be considered by the city council when it meets next tuesday. >> 4:36 now. same sex marriages may resume in california sooner than anyone expected. the 9th circuit appeal says the opinion from the california supreme court on whether the sponsors of proposition 8 have a legal right to appeal in court. in august a san francisco judge struck down the voter-approved ban on same sex marriages as a violation of gay californians civil rights. the group that put prop 8 on the ballot stepped in. legal experts say if the high court says prop 8 supporters are ineligible to appeal, it could end the case and clear the way for same sex marriages to resume. >> nfl teams have made major moves. al davis decided not to extend
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tom cable's contract despite the fact most of the players want him to return next season. he took over two and a half years ago. he endured ups and downs including an assault claim from one of his assistants last year. but he took a franchise and made a team. meantime the 49ers made it official announcing the hiring of ballky as their general manager. he said he was going on a nationwide hunt to find the right g.m. turns out he did not have to go far to finds the man who was player personnel. his first task is find a new head coach. >> two megamillion ticket holders may not show up for work. a ticket sold in washington state and one from idaho picked all six numbers in last night's
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jackpot it's the 4th largest in u.s. history. i didn't have to wait, walked right in. here are the winning numbers, 4, 8, 15, 25, 47. exactly. the megaba is 42. the option works out to be about $224 million. >> someone else -- you really did find some? >> uh-huh. >> not close? >> i dreamed a little. >> not even close. >> anything at all? >> no. but the upshot is i'm still here and hanging out with you this morning. it's all good, right. >> mike nicco, another guy that didn't win the lotto. >> as far as i know, the wife told me she'd wake me up if she had won something. >> and she slept. >> she's gone. >> she had the winning ticket. >> is that where she was this morning. i was awful lonely in the bed. what's going on outside. good morning to you. we have some freezing temperatures to talk about. fairfield at 31.
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same thing in santa rosa, novato. near freezing concord and livermore. we have fog. black ice is possible in those areas. temperatures are cooler this morning than yesterday. los gatos and san francisco the same with 2 degrees warmer. expect thicker frost in inlying valleys if your car's outside. visibility down to a quarter of a mile san francisco and novato. watch out for 101 this morning. 8:00 temperatures, still stuck in the 30s just about everywhere except half moon bay and san francisco. sunshine and temperatures in the say upper 40s in east bay valleys and the north bay. the fog will slow there. by 4:00 we'll have temperatures hanging around to low 50s after topping out. your 7-day forecast, a day deeper into january and we are still dry. frost will become less of a problem in the morning and fog
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starting saturday morning and all the way through sunday, monday and tuesday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. we've got the connection ramp closed in hayward right now. both highway 92 to southbound 880 as well as jackson to southbound 880 blocked for the next 20 minutes. as you make your way on southbound 880, you may want to get off at winton if you head eastbound on jackson because that's blocked until 5:00 as well. but no accidents out there. a live shot of the san mateo bridge. traffic is looking good across the span and everywhere else right now. terry, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. 4:40 on this wednesday morning. >> not ready to let go yet. >> it's not there. >> i know. all right. they were getting fixed and didn't know why. now some apartment residents may have the answer. the investigation into the cause of serious illnesses at an east bay apartment building. >> and home sweet home. a los [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans
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. welcome back, everybody. 4:43. we are looking out from our camera atop mount tam. and believe it or not, that's san francisco. kind of hard to see the picture i'm looking at. yeah, there we go. >> try your glasses. (laughter) >> fix the monitor. we got clouds out there, right, mike? >> some fog, too. >> fog, right? kristen's not exactly wrong but we'll talk about that later. >> we have breaking news to tell you about. a familiar resident is back home at the palace of the fine arts. a swan named blanch is back in landmark's lagoon two months after the city removed her for her own safety. vandals killed blanch's sister in november. she spent time in point reyes with two other swans, blue boy and bela. they hit it off so well that both have joined blanch at the
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palace of fine arts. >> something is making people sick. residents who spoke up have another problem besides worrying about their health. allen wong is in pittsburgh. >> got sick, runny noses, coughing. >> but it was never-ending, a medical mystery until the answer fell right through his ceiling. >> we were getting sick from mold. and i went down there and asked them, you know, this is mold? no. it's wet dirt. that's what she told me at the office. >> after he complained to the management of the apartments in pittsburg, lombardo was told to hire his own mold specialist for $500. >> this was the black mold they brought out of my house. >> the report showed high levels of black mold and recommendation to find and fix an apparent leak in the roof. other residents are complaining about respiratory illnesses and now they wonder what could be growing behind their walls and ceilings. the city of pittsburg building
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inspectors are expected to examine one of the building's roofs and determine whether or not there's proper ventilation for these apartment units. >> our attempts to contact the managers and corporate headquarters in dallas, texas, was unsuccessful. now they're suing the management company, riverstone residential group and the apartment owner for damages and wrongful eviction after they say they were kicked out for complaining. 30 other tenants are also suing separately for wrongful eviction. cain said all they ever wanted was for the problem to be fixed. in pittsburg, allen wong, abc 7 news. >> breaking news in san rafael where firefighters are on the scene of a fire involving two homes. this blaze started just after 3 a.m.. it may have begun in a garage of a vacant home and then spread to a home next-door. we're told there are no injuries
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and firefighters have just managed to knock it down. we have a crew onscene and we will continue to bring you more as we get it. >> coming up, the meeting between a supreme court justice and new members of congress have drawn fire from legal experts. >> taking the oath of office and taking over. i'm emily schmidt in washington. what republicans plan to do with control of the house coming up. >> and the new clue into the cause and potential cure. >> and how fast you walk could reveal
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>> new orleans 66 and that's where we're dealing with thunderstorms this morning. these are going to head across the states so look for delays
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atlanta, memphis and possibly with snow causing delays in charlotte. all those delays with our flight tracker. with all the news, here's terry. >> thanks, mike. major political change comes to washington as hundreds of new lawmakers are sworn in and the battle lines are drawn. vowing to challenge the president on key issues like government spending and healthcare. emily is in washington with a preview of the new congress. >> high noon today in washington marks a high point for republicans. they have 85 of the 94 new members of congress who will be be sworn in. it's enough to give them control of the house of representatives led by speaker elect john boehner. according to releases, he says he aims to take the government back to the people. the first step, a vote set for next week to repeal president obama's healthcare plan. >> if you're going to have a patients bill of rights, you have to have comprehensive healthcare reform.
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>> we are here to represent and reflect the values of the country. and the country has said very directly stop the spending. >> the gop has vowed $100 billion in spending cuts. soon lawmakers must decide whether to increase the amount of money the government can borrow. without it, the government could face a shutdown. >> i could not be more serious when i say i'm not going to vote to increase the national debt limit. >> even before some freshmen took the oath of office, they hosted a private fund-raiser last night, $2500 a ticket. the focus already on 2012. >> we're going to make sure the freshman class are ready to hold all our own seats. >> the first spending cut vote trimming 5% from lawmakers' office budget scheduled for tomorrow. supporters say it would save $35 million, just a fraction of the $100 billion in promised overall cuts. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> the decision by anthony
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scalia to speak at -- i should say to accept an invitation to speak to incoming house members about the constitution is drawing fire of some who worry the court is injecting itself into politics. minnesota representative michelle balkman, the founder of the house's tea part caucus invited scalia to speak on january 24th. the los angeles times reports some constitutional law experts say the meeting suggests an alliance between conservative members of the court and conservative members of congress and it's not appropriate in this highly partisan environment. members of both parties are welcome to attend. >> a few moments ago we got a look at that 7-day forecast, and as far as you can see, we don't have any rain. >> exactly. it's going to be dry. typically happens in the middle of winter even when we've had one that's been as wet as this one. >> yeah. >> definitely. let's take a look outside. it means high pressure is
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governing our sky. having a hard time talking this morning. so coooold outside! it's fog. let's talk about temperatures, too. we have 31 santa rosa and fairfield. 33 concord and livermore. kind of highlighting those areas because that's where some of the fog is forming, the frost. that's where we could have black ice. it is chilly around the bay shore. upper 30s all the way down in san jose. 40 oakland and mid to upper 40s along san francisco and out towards half moon bay. around the monterey bay, watsonville 40, inland to salinas, 41. 47 santa cruz. gilroy 32. sunny and cool today with light breezes, freezing fog. watch out for it again tonight and the week-long weather pattern remains dry.
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what could be a problem, visibility a quarter of a mile from the strait and the central valley. this is the dense fog advisory until 10:00. the visibilities will improve after the 10:00 hour. bring it back home and we'll have sunshine, even a few high clouds this afternoon and temperatures in the upper 50s in the south bay. mid to upper 50s along the peninsula. mainly 50s along the coast and into downtown and south san francisco. up in the north bay we'll have low to mid-50s from san rafael 51 to about 56 santa rosa. clear lake the exception once again, about 49 for you. mid-50s along the east bay shore but with the tulie fog spilling into the highway 4 corridor, the carquinez strait, you'll be in the low 50s while the rest of the east bay will be a little warmer, mid-50s. the warmest weather inland, upper 50s to lower 60s. around the state, hazy sunshine, fog around the central valley, low to mid-50s there. mid to upper 50s along the
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coast. low to mid-60s. napa, the rest of us 30s to 42 san francisco. not much of a change from what we're dealing with this morning. high pressure there, talks about how it's going to build over our neighborhoods and push the storm track to the north. it has done exactly that and it's going to keep there all seven days of the forecast. expect the chilly nights to continue. fog and frost less troubling starting over the weekend. temperatures mid to upper 50s almost every day for highs. here's frances. >> a water main break in castro valley and apparently in 3 to 4 inches it's right in castro boulevard west so look out for that. also supposed to be rocks and sediment in the roadway and it is blocking the eastbound direction at this point. we'll go outside and what you'll find is light traffic. you saw that green in the sensors. no delays on the freeways.
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here's 680 walnut creek. no fog advisory posted yet but the fog is developing as mike mentioned. we'll take a look at interstate 80 in berkeley. traffic flowing well westbound for the bay bridge. in the south bay it's also a quiet ride at the 101 and 880 interchange. headlights look great northbound all the way out to morgan hill and up the peninsula into san francisco. of course, you can always find out what your ride to work looks like anytime, just go to kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. listen to this one. the company that makes those balance bracelets, popular with athletes admits it's all a bunch of -- >> don't say it! >> don't say it! fans of the $30 wrist bands. there's no scientistic evidence to support claims it improves flexibility interacting with the
4:56 am
body's natural energy flow. authorities accused the maker of false advertising. >> big story here. researchers say they think they know what causes male pattern baldness. the university of pennsylvania says hair-making stem cells are the root cause so to speak. men have the same number of stem cells as the normal scalp but fewer of the more that mature type of stem cells. they hope to have a cream that can react evaluate those cells. >> check out walking speed. people over 65 years old who walk fast live longer. they say walking is a useful way of measuring well-being because it requires body support, timing and power. a senior who can walk 3 mph has a 40% chance of living to 102 years. researchers caution though this doesn't mean you should just try to walk faster than you're comfortable with because that
4:57 am
can actually result in injury and work against the actual goal. >> 4:56. one last tirade from chris daily at 5:00. the verbal fireworks that erupted as san francisco supervisors tried to pick a replacement for gavin newsom. >> i'm jenelle wang live in oakland. the manhunt is on for a suspect accused of shooting six people overnight. the latest on this investigation coming up in a live report. >> and marin county supervisors put the brakes onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
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